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Light-Duty Industrial Casters and Wheels part 1. Discuss the basics of swivel and rigid casters that give 200# capacity to 350# capacity. Describes the types of wheels available, top plate sizes available, and how the swivel caster works. Stainless steel caster discussion also. Stem caster discussion als

Light-Duty Industrial Casters and Wheels Part 1
Hi, I am Phil Strouth with P Strouth LLC.  I represent Carolina Material Handling in Greensboro, NC.  I have over 16 years of experience dealing with caster and wheel applications of all sorts.  I will do a four or five part series detailing the different type of caster applications in order to help solve problems you may be having in your operation.

Today we are starting the first part of the casters series.  This blog focuses on the light-duty industrial casters and wheels.
These casters and wheels are used in industrial material handling applications and oem equipment. 
Most standard specs are plate casters and stem casters.  This time we will focus on plate casters.  These range between 200# capacity to 350# capacity in this series.
Zinc plate is the standard in this series and most are NSF listed.  304 Stainless steel is also available in this series and used in pharmaceutical and food service applications where wash down and chemicals and detergents are present.
These light-duty swivel casters feature double ball raceways for added capacity and durability.  Metal dust cap to keep out debris.  The stainless steel models have a rubber gasket seal further protecting the raceway.
The swivel and rigid light-duty casters go together with a 3/8” axle and lock nut.  Typically we do not use a zerk axle in this series because most of the wheels have sealed ball bearings or delrin plastic bearings that do not require grease, but the zerk axle is available.
Over 40 types of wheels are available for this series.  Most common wheel in this series is the polyurethane on polyolefin wheel with sealed ball bearings and plastic thread guards.  This is a very aesthetic caster and offer non marking wheel and resistant to chemical and detergents.
Standard top plate sizes available are Top Plate:2 – 3/8” x 3 – 5/8” with 1.75” x 3” bolt holes spacing;  Top Plate: 3 – 1/8” x 4 – 1/8” with 2” x 3.25” bolt hole spacing; and Top Plate: 3.5” x 3.5” with bolt hole spacing 2 – 5/8” x 2 – 5/8” slotted to 2.75” x 2.75”. 
Wheel sizes range from 2.5” diameter to 6” diameter.  All wheels are 1.25” wide tread width.  Offering 200# capacity up to 350# capacities depending on the wheel material.
Thermoplastic rubber wheels, phenolic wheels, poly on poly wheels, solid polyurethane wheels are the most common in the light-duty series.
Top lock brakes are the most common braking mechanism but are also available as a total lock brake, locking the wheel and the swivel action at the same time.
Shipping locations for this series caster is available from Greensboro, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, California, and Washington.
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